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HTML5 Video Player that supports Adobe Media Server

Copied via --  HTML5 Video Player that supports Adobe Media Server

We are looking for an HTML5 based video player that supports HTTP streaming via AMS so that we can use our existing implementations.  Anyone else do this, or have experience with this?  Thanks in advance. 

Via Robert McDowell -- 

AMS is ok with html5 videos as long as there is codec compatiblilty

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Hello Veriskope,

Can you please elaborate on codec compatibility? We have two local installs of AMS we are using  to stream videos to employees and customers; however, we will need to stop using AMS by the end of the year given we do not have the capability to stream videos via HTTP using AMS. My research has shown that we will need to rely on the strobemediaplayback.swf in order to do this. Chrome will not show this .swf.  Can you please point us to a solution?

Thank you in advance for your help

Sam House

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