New Update of AMS 5.0.16 Available Now

Veriskope releases AMS 5.0.16 for Linux

AMS 5.0.16 includes an update to Apache 2.4.41 and several other important product updates and bug fixes.  

AMS 5.0.16 is available for download here:

Hello, I need update for AMS windows version.

Free trial link contains linux version.

Where can I find AMS (for windows) with apache 2.4 and modules?

Vlad, Thank you for your inquiry.  The Free Trial download contains a download of 5.0.16 for Linxu and a download of 5.0.15 for Windows.  If you are interested in updating Apache as part of any prior releases of AMS, you can reference this document about how to update the Apache server.  Thank you.  

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